Unif0rm has its strong roots in making corporate uniforms since 1974. Two generations later, Pia See leads the company with her creative direction to bring a fashion brand from Manila to the world, inspired by the modern woman of today.

It has been 5 years since Unif0rm released its first creation, the signature stand-up collar Mavis. The brand’s journey since then has been well-received inside the wardrobes of fashion editors and the stealthily stylish around the world.

Unif0rm allowed women to have a renewed relationship with their clothes, that quality and comfort, mixed with a timeless aesthetic are meant to be worn over and over again, season-to-season. Unif0rm stays committed to its sustainable fashion philosophy avoiding material wastage.

Every Unif0rm piece is a reflection of how Pia sees herself and every modern woman who has fallen in love with fashion again, and fearlessly takes on each day with effortless style. 



Our Sustainable Fashion Philosophy

Unif0rm believes in having a renewed relationship with fashion, innovating everyday dressing with pieces that go beyond seasons, designed to be worn over and over. Every Unif0rm piece is made on-demand to avoid material wastage.

Scrap fabric are made into useful items for personal use of the Unif0rm team, such as pillow covers, masks, rugs and hair accessories. Unif0rm employs full-time skilled workers, provided with fair compensation, a safe and comfortable work environment, and other non-monetary benefits covered by the labor policies of the Philippines.

Unif0rm sources material from small to medium-scale fabric suppliers based in Manila. The choice of fabric selected is mindfully aligned with our commitment to combine quality with affordability.

With every Unif0rm piece you order, you are enabling a small business based in Manila, Philippines to share this philosophy with the rest of the world.

Thank you for believing in slow fashion. Thank you for supporting Unif0rm.